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Explanation of why your account was flagged.

Solution You have been flagged because you missed, or clicked on 10 wrong images of the anti-cheat system.

The purpose of this new system that we've designed is to remove any chance of software submitters being able to attach themselves to our system.

So if members receive 10 missed or wrong clicked images without being able to restore their own error codes, then they are instantly flagged.

Here's how you can use the system so that you do not get flagged:

When you miss an image, or click the wrong image, this action is logged, and will display a 1 of 10 wrong image click or misses.

If you go back, and then click the correct image, right below you will be able to go to another section that will allow you to remove your error code that was just added to your account.

This is how members can control their ability of becoming flagged.

If you become flagged you will be exempt from earning spendable credits for viewing ads and have been logged as a possible attempt to thwart our anti-cheat system.

If you feel this is an error and you wish to contact us to remove your restriction you may do so, however we will investigate your actions and contact you with our response.

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