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Explanation of a frame breaker site & brief details of how we deal with them.

Solution Frame breaking websites is actually a term for a specific form of code that is placed within the offending website.

When members are going through to earn credits, the code, usually a form of javascript attempts to break the frame which will then stop the member from earning credits from the email advertisement that has been sent to their email inbox.

This frustrates many members and also gives the offending member a bad name especially if they continuously do it knowingly.

We have built a system that gives members complete assurance that they will not run into a frame breaking website that will stop them from earning.

However, if a member does find one by someone attempting to fool our system, they won't get very far.

We have a systematic approach setup in place for members that do submit frame breakers. Our members have the ability of submitting a frame breaker report to us about a particular site in their inbox.

Be careful though, filing several false reports that a site breaks frames when it does not will get your account blacklisted from being able to file a frame breaker report, or removed from our system.

Once the site has been declared as a frame breaking website, the members that have reported the offending website will then receive a random amount of spendable credits and the offending member's link will be replaced by a frame breaker notice page once we've marked it in the system as a frame breaking website.

It's just our way of saying that we appreciate what you are doing and thank you for your support.

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